Polycarbonate is one of those products able to offer new design perspectives, to give substance to ideas in often unexpected and out-of-the-box ways.

  • Seplux panels are made of 100% PC.
  • Higher technical performance than any homologous or non-pure product.
  • Modular multiwall panel with a tongue-and groove-joint in co-extruded polycarbonate.
  • UV-protected on one side.
  • Guaranteed 10 years against ageing.

Thanks to the use of versatile materials, these innovative solutions help to change the urban landscape, by redefining and transforming the very standards of modern architecture.

  • Design and prototyping.
  • State-of-the-art computerized systems.
  • SEP designs and manufactures "made to measure".

Società Europea Plastica

For 40 years Sep has been creating products with the constant addition of new ideas, helping planners to put their ideas into practice. And this is actually SEP’s mission: materialising ideas.

Born to last, made to create

Sustainability and

Today’s work engages us in the constant research for creative and tangibles solutions to the increasingly complex problems in building design.

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