1972 – 2012: It’s now 40 years that SEP (Società Europea Plastica) produces polycarbonate-panels for the building market. Said so, it all seems very simple, even simplistic. Actually the modular multiwall 100% Polycarbonate panels Seplux, without any addition of recycled or regenerated material or glass-fiber, are a highly technological product. In fact, the research conducted in these decades with the straight collaboration with designer-studios, have contributed to transform the Polycarbonate into a quality-product with personality and character; features that glass, which is often compared to polycarbonate, does not have.

In particular the patented male-female interlock joint which makes the assembly very easy without compromising the safety and the stability; dimensions and forms in any section; the endless range of colours; the integration of indoor and outdoor illumination-engineering-systems; the possibility of producing any length. All these reasons made it possible to transform a “simple piece of plastic” in an ideal product for new constructions and renovation of existing buildings. As the projects Urban Mimesis and Rinnova show, they not only change completely the look of the building with significant aesthetical and functional results but also open up extremely innovative planning opportunities.


For 40 years Sep has been creating products with the constant addition of new ideas, helping planners to put their ideas into practice. And this is actually SEP’s mission: materialising ideas.

SEP's technical office provides competent and highly-qualified technical support in each phase of the realisation process of planned structures, from the choice of the most suitable material to the solution of any specific issues concerning load resistance, application and assembling.
Our technical solutions efficiently and practically address the real issues related to project implementation, keeping costs low. SEP supplies innovative patented joints and light and easily handled material for an easy and quick installation, that can adapt to each type and dimension of panel or structure span.

One material, a thousand ideas

Certified company

Quality is a goal that SEP pursues with a human and professional commitment that goes even beyond the obligatory standards set by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Accordingly, the whole SEP team shares the principles stated in the Quality Policy, aimed to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction, the protection of the environment, the health and safety of the company staff, the improvement of internal procedures. This is how SEP makes sure that all these purposes are achieved:

  • Attention to the customer’s satisfaction, through the high quality of its products and services.
  • Development of innovative and technologically competitive products.
  • Concern with the continuous training of the staff, its compliance with the Policy Quality and its involvement in the decision-making process.
  • Creation of a working environment that is conducive to both safety and technological development.
  • Concern with the protection of the environment and the respect of the effective regulations.
  • Continuous improvement of performances in terms of quality, CE marking and technical service.
  • Periodical definition of goals and planning about relevant areas.