#Exolon Group and #S.E.P. Società Europea Plastica are pleased to announce that from 2022 on they will start a cooperation in the area of modular panels to expand their polycarbonate sheets solutions for the building industry.

Nearly 100 years of polycarbonate sheet extrusion experience are coming together.

#Exolon Group, a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic solid and multiwall sheets for more than 40 years and #S.E.P. a company with more than 50 years experience in the extrusion of panels, combine their expertise. The purpose of the alliance is to offer a wider range of product solutions to meet the increasing demand for high-performance materials in the construction industry.

About the companies:

Exolon Group is a leader of extruded thermoplastic sheets which are used in many industries and innovative applications. With extrusion facilities in Europe solid and multiwall sheet products are produced to consistently high quality standards.


S.E.P. Società Europea Plastica has been active in the production of polycarbonate modular panels for almost half a century. The quality of its products and the development of technically advanced solutions have enabled S.E.P. to contribute to numerous projects throughout Europe, with panels that have significant aesthetic and functional results.