Modular multiwall panel with a tongueand groove-joint in co-extruded polycarbonate (UV-protected on one side) - GUARANTEED 10 YEARS against ageing. The high resistance performance, ease of installation, the particular tongueand-groove joint structure, the perfectly coplanar panels and their assembly without the need for accessories, make this the ideal product for interior false ceilings (canopies), minisheds and small roofs.

Panel section 10 mm triple-wall
Width 750 mm
Lenght maximum trasportable
Light transmission 79 %
Thermal insulation U=2,70 W/(m² k)
Minimum bending radius 200 times its thickness (r= 2000 mm)
Linear expansion 0,065 mm/m °C
Service temperature - 40 °C +120 °C
Fire resistance European standard B-s1,d0
Heat welding of cell on request