SEP Project

Your ideas become a project

The “on demand” era has begun, and SEP is ready for that.On demand means we can create products with an unprecedented customization level.Within SEP’s business context, this means creating roofs that are developed and designed exactly on the customer’s specification.Sizes, types, colours: SEP can customize any detail of its polycarbonate panels and hence provide a concrete answer to designers’ needs.Working side-by-side with the customer, not only in the design phase, but also when developing and testing prototypes, with a constant “problem solving” stance.SEP‘s technical staff, based on consolidated experience, analyses the various needs of the customer and, using advanced computerised systems, designs the best solution for all situations.For each project, SEP embarks on a complex product study, covering all aspects from the technical and structural specifications to the applications.
A careful analysis, carried out in close collaboration with the customer, concerning not only technical issues, but also economic and managerial problems.


Our Work



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